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1. Where it Swiss BeauX Located?


  Lausanne Switzerland


2. How long has Swiss Beaux been in the diamond business? 


  Since 2008


3. Were is your Diamond inventory deposited in? 


  We have secure services at our Lausanne offices but primarily our inventory is house 

  with Malca Amit.


4. With what companies do you work with? 


GemTechLab, Malca Amit S.A, Carl Schaefer (Schweiz) AG, Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Société d'Affinage et d'Apprêts de Métaux Précieux (SAAMP), Rapaport and Rapnet, ADLER Jewelry Geneva, Valimpex, SECO Swiss, Cien Co, ltd.


5. What kind of diamonds do you work with? 


  From Small high quality Diamonds to Large High Quality Diamonds all shapes and colors.


6. Do you ship the diamonds/jewelry/custom diamonds to the client or does the client need to come to your offices to pick them up?  


  We will arrange to have it shipped to your favorite Private Jewelry Store nearest your 



7. Do you have additional sales taxes on your products or the listed price has the taxes already included?  


 No taxes unless you purchase in Switzerland only your local taxes for importation.


8. Do you do Financing on Diamonds and Jewelry?


  For Switzerland residents  we do offer some limited financing for our Stones and Jewelry. 


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