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When it comes to custom work for our clients, we can find, cut, and polish the diamonds to the shape of your dreams or to the reworking of old diamonds to meet current day standards.


This is where the children of Baby Boomer parents have the opportunity to help their parents get value and money for old Jewelry that has been handed down to them from several generations. These older diamonds have a good value when they are inspected and re cut and polished, which allows them to be upgraded significantly in value. This also applies to old Natural Pearls. Remember, the first Cell phone.. compared with today. That is the same for diamonds, the old ones were large but had defects in them which under todays grading makes them inferiour and less valuable as new cut and polished diamonds. Newer technology and better manufacturing methods and higher levels of Ceritication will be the result of re-cutting and polishing.


We can take those old diamonds and upgrade them and therefore, make them more valuable. On the otherhand, if your parents just want sell the jewelry we will most likely provide you with higher offers than you can obtain from local Jewelry dealers.


We are also working with owners of special, unique and large  diamonds. We can offer you on a first come first served basis large and important diamonds that are not available on the market.


Your old jewelry

Your imagination

Swiss Beaux


The ring of your dreams

The Swiss Beaux formula

Custom Diamonds

where the sky is  the limit

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