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About us 

The Swissbeaux brand name is also the name of the Operating Division of Xcell Security House and Finance S.A, a company that has been operating in Switzerland since the year 2007.


Mr. Lynnwood Farr a former President of a Major Defense Contractor in Canada, experienced in the Design, Fabrication and Manufacture of Airplanes and Submarines upon retirement came to Switzerland to open Xcell Security House and Finance S.A, a company that reports into the Swiss Banking Regulations.


Mr. Farr's interest has been to support clients in the monetization process of their assets through the strict Swiss Banking and Security House process.


Over time Xcell's client base has brought or requested support of Xcell's management to sell diamonds, acquire diamonds, and other precious stones. This created a need for Xcell to become experts in those fields. In addition, in 2010 Xcell secured their own License in Switzerland to buy and sell precious metals including gold under their own Hallmark.


Xcell has developed relationships with African and South American miners as well to import Gold and Diamonds legally through the International and Swiss laws regarding these materials. Xcell has an exclusive relationship with a Precious Metal Refinery and abiltiy to sell to Swiss Banks our Gold commodity. In addition we have developed close working relationships with the following Swiss and International firms: GemTechLab, Malca Amit S.A, Carl Schaefer (Schweiz) AG, Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Société d'Affinage et d'Apprêts de Métaux Précieux (SAAMP), Rapaport and Rapnet, ADLER Jewelry Geneva, Valimpex, SECO Swiss, Cien Co, ltd.


Our Goal:


Namely, Purchase of high quality diamonds and jewelry, Investments in Diamonds or Gold, Purchase of Family or personal Jewelry or to obtain financing for same and storage of your assets in a Swiss regulated Security House. This make us unique in our line of business and a way for you to choose any of our services you or your Family may require.


Our commitment:


- To deliver Diamond Jewelry to our clients with built in Swiss Quality and Fineness.


- All diamonds over .60 carats delivered with GIA or equivelant Certifications.


- Swissbeaux guarantees that our prices are lower than any retail store in your local area.


- All Swissbeaux diamonds meet a minimum of the Kimberley process and all export/import laws.


- Our clients deserve and receive guaranteed satisfaction with their jewelry purchased from Swissbeaux.


- With our Diamond Jewelry you are ensured a higher value in time which provides long term investment with advantages for our clients.


- Offer Diamond inventory allows you to select your own design and mount the diamond in your budget or investment.


- Swissbeaux is ready to engage agents across our client base. (Please apply if you are interested).  


These Agents will work to obtain orders, deliver orders and actively pursue the relationship with persons wanting to sell their jewelry privately to Swissbeaux.

The Olympic Museum (Musée olympique) in Lausanne, Switzerland 

City of Lausanne

Zermatt Matterhorn

About us 

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